About EPoints
Once registered to Rakuten Insight Surveys, you will be sent surveys for you to respond to. You will accumulate EPoints depending on the contents, number of questions and length of each survey. Accumulated EPoints are redeemable for rewards such as gift vouchers and/or cashier's check. Read "Cashier's check" for details on redeeming EPoints for a check payable to your account, and "About Rewards" for available gift vouchers.

15 EPoints = 1 SGD. Minimum needed for vouchers is 45 EPoints.

Redeem EPoints

Currently gift vouchers of various amounts are available for you to redeem. The minimum required for redemption is 150 EPoints.

The actual gift voucher you may receive may differ depending on the availability at the time of delivery.
In such cases, we will notify you to choose another voucher of the same amount.

  • NTUC Fairprice Shopping Voucher (From SGD10.00)

    Redemption available from 150 EPoints

Transfer to PayPal Account

You can transfer your accumulated EPoints to your PayPal account. Minimum required is 45 EPoints.
* Your account must match your registered E-mail address