Announcement regarding member's profile


Dear members,

Thank you for your continuous support of AIP Online Surveys.

We would like to ask for your cooperation to confirm and revise your personal information if needed.
For example, on our website we ask all our members if they have children living together with them. Also, we ask for the date of birth of each children.
The purpose of this question is for AIP to be able to deliver the most appropriate survey to our members.

However, we found that some members might have misunderstood the actual meaning of this question and entered a wrong information.
For example, a member whose age is 18 years old registered a kid of 16 years old. Which, by AIP's standard, we deem this as a false information.

In order to have a correct information, we would like to ask all of our current members who have selected that they have kids living together with them to login to the website and go to the menu "Profile Update".
Then, please kindly help to make sure that the information about your kids is correctly registered.

***In case you have already registered a correct information or if you are sure that there is nothing wrong with your profile please do not worry about this***

We would like to ask for your cooperation to update this within 31st October 2011.
After that, if we still find any members whose information are judged as unrealistic by AIP, we would have no choice but to stop sending those members surveys.

Sincerely yours,

AIP ONLINE SURVEYS Singapore Member Support Team