Lucky Draw winner from Survey 3106SG


Thank you very much for your continuous support of AIP ONLINE SURVEYS.

We are glad to announce the winners who joined our 3106SG survey.

The following members will receive a bonus of 100 EPoints each

Ms.Karen Tel. 6788xxxx
Ms.Serene Tel. 9880xxxx
Ms.Malisa Tel. 9181xxxx
Mr.Ying Hou Tel. 9687xxxx
Mr.Wen Jing Tel. 9125xxxx
Ms.Zainon Tel. 9673xxxx
Ms.Phoebe Tel. 8189xxxx
Mr.Lin Tel. 9620xxxx
Mr.Shee Yong Tel. 6565xxxx
Mr.Nicodemus Tel. 6241xxxx
Ms.Karen Tel. 9619xxxx
Mr.Mark Tel. 9100xxxx
Ms.Trixie Tel. 9645xxxx
Mr.Daniel Tel. 9725xxxx
Ms.Xiang Rong Tel. 9697xxxx
Ms.Shirlene Tel. 9229xxxx
Mr.Muhammad Shafie Ismail Tel. 8222xxxx
Mr.Chee Keong Steven Tel. 9742xxxx
Mr.Jackson Tel. 8222xxxx
Mr.Wai Lreng Tel. 6779xxxx
Ms.Tan Tel. 6445xxxx
Ms.Jenny Tel. 9018xxxx
Ms.jamila Tel. 6406xxxx
Mr.Christopher Tel. 9877xxxx
Ms.ruhaya Tel. 9456xxxx
Ms.Raihanna Tel. 9873xxxx
Mr.Yun Hen Tel. 9770xxxx
Mr.Mohamed Tel. 6742xxxx
Ms.Christine Tel. 9234xxxx
Mr.Wei Yong, Andy Tel. 9768xxxx

Thank you again for your participation and support with AIP ONLINE SURVEYS. We hope to hear from you in future surveys too.