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2009/5/11-2009/5/17 Number of votes:3883
Q: What do you think about Global warming?
I'm very concerned about it (86%)
It's a hoax, I don't believe in global warming (1.9%)
Don't really care (9.6%)
What is global warming?? (2.5%)
2009/5/18-2009/5/24 Number of votes:3675
Q: How do you listen to music these days?
Download from internet/Listen online (25.1%)
Listen from the CD I bought only (11.8%)
Both, but I listen online/download more (42.9%)
Both, but I listen from CD more than download (20.1%)
2009/5/25-2009/5/31 Number of votes:3847
Q: How hard are you working these days?
More than 40 hours a week (51.5%)
Around 40 hours a week (21.8%)
Less than 40 hours a week (11.5%)
I'm not working now (15.2%)
2009/6/1-2009/6/7 Number of votes:4304
Q: How would you like to invest your money?
Real estate (37.7%)
Stock Market (31.9%)
Forex market (8.0%)
Others (22.4%)

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